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Commercial Electrical Services in Phoenix, AZ

At Andrew's, we specialize in commercial electrical services in Phoenix, AZ. We have been proudly serving businesses in Phoenix since 1996, and are dedicated to honest and affordable work. When there is an electrical problem in your business, it can affect the safety of your employers and customers, so it's essential to contact a professional when there is an issue. We provide preventative maintenance services along with panel upgrades, lighting upgrades & retrofitting, energy audits, back-up generators, and more. Our electricians have extensive experience with a wide range of electrical issues and challenges. If you are noticing your lights flickering, tools or appliances are hot to the touch or any discolorations around an outlet, that might be indicative of a problem. Contact Andrew's today for more information on our commercial electrical services in Phoenix, AZ.

Electrical Phoenix AZ


“Dear Jon,

I'm writing to thank you for your generosity in helping my neighbor, Sheila, with her plumbing needs.  I know your authorized Scott's work and the free parts.  I want to brag on Scott.  He is a gem.  Kind and caring, he wasn't put off by the level of disrepair he discovered, but simply went to work doing what he knows well.  He went above and beyond the call of duty, for sure, and did it with a joyful spirit.  Sheila is so grateful, and so am I.  My son Ben has spoken hightly of you, and I can see why he thinks you're great.  Thank you for your generosity.  You improved the life of a stranger in need.  May God bless you for your powerful witness to the love of Christ for "the least of these"!”

Gayle P.
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