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Andrew's Refrigeration was founded in 1996 by Carrol “Andrew” Harris and his wife Sue.  Carrol, a Navy veteran and a journeyman mechanic, recognized the need for a Quality Refrigeration service provider that consistently operated with honesty and integrity.  Anchoring their new company on the principles of Faith and Family, and with a passion for helping those less fortunate, Carrol and Sue established a loyal customer base which quickly developed into a major HVAC-Refrigeration service provider in the Phoenix market.  In 2012, Andrew's Refrigeration opened a second office in Tucson to establish a local presence capable of meeting the needs of our customers in the southern Arizona cities.  

As Andrew's Refrigeration continued to grow into a major commercial HVAC-Refrigeration service company, Carrol recognized that our customers had additional service needs beyond HVAC and Refrigeration.  In response to that need, Carrol was determined to expand the option of services Andrews could offer to our customers.  In 2014, Andrew's Services (plumbing) was opened followed in 2015, by Andrew's Electrical, and most recently in 2016, Andrew's Concrete was added to the Andrew's family of businesses.  As natural extensions of the HVAC-Refrigeration business model, Andrew's was now able to provide a one stop fully

Andrew's founders - offering HVAC, electrician, plumbing

integrated solution to our customers.  The ability to overlap our core services seamlessly while offering a single service source to our customers has proved successful for Andrew's and our customers. 

With an established and ever-expanding family of businesses capable of meeting most of our customer’s service needs, the next natural step for Andrew's was to extend our presence to the northern Arizona markets.  Following on the success of our Tucson operation, Andrew's committed in 2019, to expanding our operations to northern Arizona to better address the service needs of our customers in the Prescott and Flagstaff markets and all points in between.

As Andrew's has expanded their market presence throughout Arizona, we have not deviated from our principle mission of providing Quality service, performed with Honestly and Integrity, while continuing to seek opportunities to support those in our community most in need. 

If you are currently an Andrew's customer, Thank You for Trusting Andrew's with your Business, we truly appreciate and value your partnership.  If you are looking for a new service partner or if you are simply seeking a second opinion, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and demonstrate how the “Andrew's Way” may be right for you.

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